Formato genérico sugerido de Reunión de Trabajo de DA


Debtors Anonymous Business Meeting Format*
We attend business meetings that are held monthly. Many of us
have long harbored feelings that “business” was not a part of our
lives but for others more qualified. Yet participation in running
our own program teaches us how our organization operates, and
also helps us to become responsible for our own recovery.
(Tenth tool of Debtors Anonymous)
1.) Open with Serenity Prayer
2.) Secretary’s report
3.) Treasurer’s report
4.) GSR report
5.) ISR report
6.) PI Rep report
7.) Elections/ any other pressing business
8.) Old business
9.) New business
10.)Motion to close
11.)Close with Serenity prayer
*Adapted from Debtors Anonymous Manual for Service pgs 39-40
For more information on Business Meetings you can download the D.A.
Business Meeting pamphlet from

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